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Make your own happiness

Learn how to influence your own happiness

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Greater influence on your own happiness

  • Are you leading a happy and successful existence (in the eyes of the outside world)? For example, do you still not feel entirely happy despite having a good job, a good income, a fun relationship and great friends? Do you want more control over a life which really suits you, based on your own choices, and are you unable to find ways of changing this? Are you unable to do so right now, perhaps because you do not know, do not think you are able, do not dare or simply fail to act…And do you want to start changing this situation? If so, my programme entitled ‘The feasibility of your happiness’ may be the solution.
  • The programme is aimed at realising your dreams and achieving true happiness. It is inspired by my unflinching passion for people and personal growth, which I have had since my youth. Learning to deal with my own struggles in life has reinforced my belief that we can largely influence our happiness ourselves. I have turned this belief into a specific programme which focuses on providing practical guidelines for creating your own happiness.

My approach

  • One person is central to the programme, and that is you! The programme consists of concrete exercises based on scientific research, embellished with personal stories. Reflection plays an important role. The programme consists of four blocks of three hours each. Each block has its own theme and they follow each other in a logical sequence. The approach is personal, with a maximum of six people in a group. The content of the 4 blocks is as follows:
  • Block 1:
    • Discover your most important core values, talents and pitfalls.
    • Identify the possibilities open to you for successful cooperation.
    • Find out what you are truly grateful for in life.
  • Block 2:
    • Visualise your dream life + how you can achieve it.
    • Clearly identify your mission and specific goals.
    • Change prohibitive ideas into helpful ideas.
  • Block 3:
    • Discover what forgiveness is and practise it.
    • Identify your current and desired social environment.
    • Learn to ‘give’, with a personal touch.
  • Block 4:
    • Write, tell and live your own life story.
    • Experience flow.
    • Look after your body.
    • Find out which moments of enjoyment suit you best.



  • Completed various training courses on leadership and happiness
  • Master’s degree in Change Management from VU University Amsterdam.
  • Following my own dream: 24/7 development of professionals’ effectiveness

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