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Individual coaching

Get more self-confidence, energy and stability

What clients say

For professionals in development

  • Do you get stuck on certain points in your professional and/or personal life and do you want to do something about it? Or do you want to go from good to better? If so, individual coaching may well be the answer.
  • Individual coaching helps you become more aware of yourself as a person, what motivates you, what is holding you back and where you really want to go to. It gives you an insight into your own values and convictions, passions and talents which, just like the world around you, affect your behaviour.
  • I can help you grow through coaching. Experience has taught me that the results can be more self-confidence, energy and grip based on greater awareness and specific follow-up steps which you can influence yourself.

Face-to-face and online coaching

  • I coach physically in the Netherlands and also online. In this way I can coach you in most places around the globe.

My approach

  • A free introductory meeting with no strings attached.
  • During this meeting we agree how to communicate with each other and define the focus of the coaching session(s). This is something I can proactively contribute to.
  • My coaching is personal, result-oriented, action-oriented and characterised by listening keenly, asking incisive questions, challenging and broadening your perspective on the issue. Evaluation is a fixed element of the meeting in order to guarantee the quality of the coaching.
  • An individual coaching process has been shown to be an effective way of getting to the root of the matter while attending one of the training programmes or afterwards.
  • If you would like to find out more or if you have genuine interest, please send me a message using the ‘free intake’ button.



  • Years of experience with coaching, as a manager, project manager and trainer.
  • Executive & talent coaching of professionals at KPN, LG, and Virtual Clarity.
  • In 2016 I completed an ECA/EMCC accredited coaching training
  • TMA certified – Talent analysis & development

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