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Inspire, convince and motivate with a good story or presentation!

What clients say

Create support through persuasion and inspiration

  • Do you want to grow when it comes to persuading, inspiring and/or and motivating people to act on your ideas? Are you open to forms of presentation other than one in which you focus simply on summing up the cold hard facts of some vague story? If so, Storytelling may well be the answer for you and/or your organisation.
  • Turn a vague story full of unnecessary details into an engrossing and personal story or pitch. This is what this training is all about. Based not on posturing, but on years of experience with training board members, managers and staff.
  • The story’s personal touch is the essential element. A private, authentic and personal story – based on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle – makes more of an impact than a mere presentation of the facts.

My approach

  • During the first part of the workshop you are introduced to ‘why’ it is so important to tell personal stories.
  • After that you are given concrete guidelines on how to construct and hone your own story.
  • This is followed by an interactive session during which you practice your story and receive constructive feedback from me to help you polish your story.
  • The end result is the presentation and/or the pitch of your story which will help you be more effective in convincing, inspiring and/or motivating people to act.



  • I have years of experience as a trainer and coach in the field of Storytelling.
  • I have made hundreds of stories more convincing and inspiring.

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