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Team coaching

Work together more effectively to achieve your business goals

What clients say

Developing team effectiveness

  • Can your team work together more effectively to help achieve business goals? Can even better use being made of team members’ qualities and passions to ensure better and more effective cooperation and to avoid a situation in which people are working against each other or at cross purposes? If so, team coaching may well be the answer for your organisation and/or your team.
  • Team coaching makes organisations or you as team manager more aware of, and provides concrete guidelines for, the various types of person in the team and of the various qualities and passions. When do these complement and inspire each other? When do they lead to (possible) conflicts? More importantly, how can cooperation take place effectively to ensure that the business goals are achieved?

My approach

  • This is the approach that I coordinate with my clients. I propose an approach based on the business situation and the specific request.


  • I have years of experience with team coaching and team building at KPN and Telfort.
  • I have years of experience with coaching and training in relation to team effectiveness.
  • In 2016 completed an ECA/EMCC accredited coaching training.
  • TMA certified – Talent analysis & development

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